Summer 2019 DNF List

I’ve been reading all spring and summer without leaving the reviews for the DNF books in my life. I’ve complied them here for your perusing comfort. They are of various genres, lengths and all have separate reasons for being dnf’d. Beware! Some of my reasons are petty but it was still enough for me to quit the book.

Now onto the list!

Personalized Murder by Jeffrey Holt

This premise of this book is political assassinations and the inaugration of a new President. When politicians start droping like flies they call in a well respected pathologist to get to the bottom of the deaths. He finds natural causes but that doesn’t explain why people keep dying. He is racing both the clock and a madman. 

This book started off so promising. I am a political junkie and knew right away I wanted to read this book. It was fast paced and intriguing…until it went off the rails, at least for me. I found myself trying desperately trying to remember the role of each character and there are loads of characters. I even started a list and gave them a short description so that I could more easily place everyone. But at 51% I gave up. There were simply too many characters, too many deaths and too much going on to keep it all straight. If you like a crazy, murder filled book, this ones for you!!

Bind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of BTK, the Serial Killer Next Door by Roy Wenzl, Tim Potter, Lavinia Hurst, L. Kelly

BTK is the name that Dennis Rader gave himself for the way that he killed his victims: Bind, Torture and Kill. He believed it was a great name and very creative. He even created a logo of sorts for himself.

He killed young, old, even a woman that lived just down the street from his own family. He has admitted to his crimes and I wanted to know more. I am fascinated by the criminal mind. I read a ton of true crime. I want to understand the motivation and the genesis of the monster that stands accused of these horrendous crimes. This book didn’t give me that, at all.

This book caught my attention because it was written by the people central to the case. I wanted to be privy to all the inside details. I wanted first hand knowledge but this book deals entirely too much on the inside players and the mundane details of their own lives to be satisfying. It’s light on crime details and heavy on personal issues surrounded the investigators. I found myself skimming and then gave up about 60% or more through the book.

Highlander’s Wicked Game: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance Novel by Fiona Faris

Marra and Duncan come from two opposing clans. They’re young and attend a local celebration where they meet. They both want to make their family’s proud but the heart wants what it wants. 

I wanted to try something outside my comfort zone and a friend recommended a different book. I was checking it out on Amazon when this listing caught my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about a highlander so I was sold.

I quickly returned it (kindle unlimited*) because the language in it was too distracting. The author had spelled the words in the way they are pronounced and while that doesn’t always irritate me, it did this time. I think I got to chapter three.

Chance: A Mafia Romance by Kathryn Thomas

Becky is innocent even though her father is in the Mob. She wants protection from that lifestyle but gets the exact opposite. She is taken hostage and held. 

Chance is a hitman. He follows orders and doesn’t bother with questions. He just does the job and moves on. That is, until he finds Becky and kills to save her. This makes her think he is a good man but he is determined to show her that it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

This one is a mafia romance and I should’ve been in love from the first word; I wasn’t.

Mercy by Debra Anastasia

A man is secretly acting as a guardian angel for a woman that saved him when they were both small children. This is all good and I was engrossed. Then I found out that he has an entire skeleton tattooed on his body and keeps himself hidden from the world. Then there’s a Day of the Dead celebration and he’s going to fit right in. Puhleeze. Next!!

So there they are! At least the most recent crop of DNF but, never fear, there will be more.

Remember #PleaseReview. Authors love feedback.

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