Stealing Iris by Sahara Roberts

Iris isn’t exactly living on Easy Street, but she’s making the best of her situation. She works in her father’s grocery store and has a good friend. Unfortunately she also has two people in her life that want to bring her down and are slowly winning that fight. Her past has made her strong and […]

Untouchable by Sam Mariano

TRIGGER WARNING!!! This review will contain spoilers!! Carter is the quarterback of his high school team in Texas where football is a required religion. He also happens to be rich and good looking (of course) but as if that isn’t enough he is also a complete sociopath. A narcissist that manipulates everyone around him like […]

Summer 2019 DNF List

I’ve been reading all spring and summer without leaving the reviews for the DNF books in my life. I’ve complied them here for your perusing comfort. They are of various genres, lengths and all have separate reasons for being dnf’d. Beware! Some of my reasons are petty but it was still enough for me to […]

The Truce by Becca Steele

ARC REVIEW Luke works at a small boutique ad company. He is emotionally scarred by a rough childhood, but outwardly fine. Looks can be devastatingly deceiving. He was abandoned by his mother at fourteen and his father never cared for him. They aren’t close and never will be. He doesn’t do relationships but meaningless sex […]

The Cottage Next Door by Natasha Moore

Hunter lost his wife Jenny and can’t find his way back to the land of the living because he’s too busy stewing in his unhappiness. Drinking and running along the beach is pretty much his whole day. He wouldn’t run but Riley, his golden retriever needs the exercise. This cottage isn’t paradise, its exile. He […]

Beyond Words by Abby Brooks

Cat has been feeling a little lost. That feeling is only compounded when she has a really terrible day and loses everything, including her much used journal. She finds it but much to her horror, the person that found it left her a note. A note that she loves. And an email address that she […]

I Didn’t Succumb to the Zombie Apocalypse

I’m here. I promise. My blog is just me and me alone. I don’t have a writing partner or a bot to write my thoughts. That sure would be nice sometimes though! I’ve fallen behind, and struggled with everything in recent weeks/months. Life can be side splitting funny and exceedingly cruel. I’m currently swimming upstream […]