Twist (Beekman Hills) by KC Enders

Finn is a bartender and womanizer. He relies on his Irish charm to woo the ladies and it never lets him down. He doesn’t realize that being superficial and a serial dater gets you nowhere fast. But he starts to figure it out when a beautiful multicolored woman walks in one day. Adelaide is a […]

Ted Bundy by Ryan Becker

We’re all familiar with the story of the first nationally known and feared serial killer. He was magnetic, charming and didn’t look at all like someone that should be feared. He still isn’t what we typically think of when we form a mental picture of a serial killer. He wasn’t a loner, he was intelligent, […]

Cain by Lane Hart

Cain is a young kid that has no other choice than to accept the reality in front of him. He’s 15 and being sheltered by the Mob. They’re grooming him to be a fighter once he’s older and he goes along with that because he has a secret past that haunts him. He has no […]